Another Referendum?

We have the Liberal Democrats arguing for yet another referendum on the European Union and now we have the Scottish National Party pushing yet again for another referendum on independence for Scotland. Less than three years ago they held a referendum on exactly that proposition and we were told it would settle the issue for a generation. Constantly pushing for independence for Scotland is of course the whole reason for the existence of the Scottish National Party. I think the Prime Minister was quite right yesterday to make it clear that until we have left the European Union there will be no second referendum.

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One thought on “Another Referendum?

  1. Neverendums. The Scots Nats will keep whingeing until they get their ‘independence’, then they’ll keep whingieng. Problem is the UK as a COUNTRY is broke – financially, culturally. Scotland was/is a proud Nation, bit like Lancashire (the North) it made things. Now outside of the square mile of London all the country is is cafe’s and shops. OK and a bit of foreign owned car making. Keep the eye on the end game – in 2020 your free of central control from Brussels. If YOU (government) want to start building/making things, you can. Meanwhile Mr Osborne is so committed he thinks he can do 3 jobs ????? If I’d have tried that with any of my employers – conflict of interest – I’d have been gone the next day. Moreover doesn’t it highlight the waste when the guy has the TIME to do 3 jobs.

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