Brexit Bill in Lords

Over the past two days a record number of Peers had put in to speak in the Second Reading of the Bill to Trigger Article 50. Yesterday it was given an unopposed Second reading. No surprise there as that was always likely to be the case. The next stage is the Committee Stage and it is here that the Bill is likely to be amended and I would be very surprised given the make up of the House of Lords and given what certain members of the House of Lords have said if it was not amended.

Yesterday in the House of Commons Criminal Finances Bill passed its final stages. The Bill strengthens the law in relation to removing ill gotten gains from criminals. I attended a meeting of the Backbench Business Committee. I attended a meeting with representatives from the National Lottery and a meeting with the present Police and Crime Commissioner and Interim Mayor for Greater Manchester Tony Lloyd. we discussed several issues including of course the controversial Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

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One thought on “Brexit Bill in Lords

  1. The improved ability to remove ill-gotten gains from criminals is very welcome.

    But can you please ask the Home Secretary what she is doing to prevent convicted and brutal killers from escaping into our communities, no doubt to create further havoc and mayhem. The news that this happened so blatantly at a Liverpool Hospital is frankly incredible. Do you think that the Government and Amber Rudd should shoulder some of the responsibility, having slashed the amount of money we spend keeping people in prison. And it seems failed to deal with the apparently corrupt people amongst the prison staff, involved in smuggling drugs into prison, and maybe in this latest escape.

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