RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2017

I was interested to see one of the classes at St Joseph and St Bede RC Primary School had been doing a project on birds when I visited them this week. We discussed my life long interest in observing birds in one of the answers to their many questions. Anyway, it reminded me I have been meaning to report on the findings of my hour spent counting the birds in our garden last weekend. I seem to recall I have in past years tried to do the hour early in the morning but last weekend for various reasons it was Sunday afternoon before I was able to set aside an hour to carry out the task. It was noticeably less busy than previous years but I saw eight different birds: blue tit (4) chaffinch, collared dove, blackbird, goldfinch, great tit, wood pigeon, magpie (2) .

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2 thoughts on “RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2017

  1. I also have a very confident blackbird that waits on the garden table outside my back door for food. I get starlings sometimes and have blue tits coming down to the feeders occasionally. But generally I don’t see as many varieties of bird as I have in previous years and I believe that is because there seems to be an epidemic of magpies near where I live scaring away other birds.

  2. I have a resident blackbird who has a degree of trust if already there as I lay food down . Merely backs off and then approaches as I leave. Other than that a pair of nervous but thieving. magpies and an occasional robin and several starlings . I marvel at how they survive over Winter.

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