Brexit Bill Debate Day Two

The critical Bill to give the government authority to exercise Article 50 and give notice we intend to leave the European Union was debated for the whole day yesterday. Many of Parliament’s biggest names took part in the first of two days of debate. There were dozens and dozens of backbenchers wishing to speak and a time limit of six minutes on speeches which had been imposed was reduced to just four minutes by Mr Speaker as the first day of debate entered its last lap. It was shortly before midnight when I was called. Having had several hours to ponder on what to say I thought when all was said and done it could be summed up in a few words. Ten to be precise:

11.56 pm

  • The people have spoken. This House must now act accordingly.

    Ordered, That the debate be now adjourned.—(Stephen Barclay.)

    Today at 7pm if the debate runs its course the final votes on whether to give the Bill a Second reading will take place. The Speaker selected one amendment for debate and voting on, the one from the Scottish National Party (SNP). It is likely therefore that there will be at least two votes one on the SNP amendment and one on whether to give the Bill a Second Reading

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