Boxing Day

I hope your Christmas Day all went to plan. After a very busy few days for me it is only today that I can start to relax a little with some time off. I have noticed emails have kept arriving – yes even on Christmas Day! I plan to keep on eye on them for anything that is genuinely urgent otherwise I will spend a few hours later than n the week replying to them and those in the queue. 

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One thought on “Boxing Day

  1. Wouldn’t begrudge you a day off for 1 minute. My 22 yr old grand daughter went to work 7 pm boxing day night for a 12/14 hr shift (at time and a half taxed of course oohh) – she’s on just less than the average wage. She had a fear of assault that night or at the very least filthy verbal abuse. I’m VERY proud of her. On Christmas Day we walked to our lunch (excellent it was too) on the way I witnessed a drug dealer doing his trade. That dross produces some of my grand daughters ‘patients’ – such is life in modern Britain.

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