Civic Carol Concert

I had to attend a funeral yesterday as one of my wife’s cousins had passed away last week so Sue and I went over to Blackburn where the funeral was.

In the evening we attended the Civic Carol Concert held at Bury Parish Church in the presence of the Mayor and his Consort, the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive. There was also music from the Greater Manchester Police Band and the police provided collectors from the Cadets and two readers of the Lessons. A collection was taken in aid of the Mayor’s Charities and Police charities. With coffee and mince pies in the Parish Hall afterwards it was a very pleasant evening.

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  1. We (our family) have empathy with you. My wife’s brother died last week, always seems to be a sadness point around Christmas – but it’s just life really. That said the wake, bacon butties and much jollification with friends reminded us that he had a good inings! Have a good one Mr/Mrs N.

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