Annual Fisheries Debate

Business in the Commons starts with questions to the new Department for Exiting the European Union – Brexit Questions. I have been luck in the ballot and drawn a slot to ask a topical question. This is where there is no printed question on the order paper but I can ask a question on anything relevant to the work of the department. Topical questions are only scheduled for 15 minutes at the end of the session. There will then be the announcement of the Business for the next couple of weeks and any urgent business. The main business in the main chamber are two debates scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee. One on transgender rights and the second a debate on the UK fishing industry. In the past the government always held an annual debate on fishing but the time allocated for these types of debate was given over to the Backbench Business Committee so it is up to the Committee to decide whether to hold these general debates.

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2 thoughts on “Annual Fisheries Debate

  1. Interesting – In this modern digital age – it still takes 24 hours before I read your ‘ditty’ i.e you composed on December 1st (early – 6.a.m) I see it next day at 7 a.m. Ay isn’t technology wonderful – used to be if you posted a letter 1st class it arrived next day too. If we are going to get nuked – don’t bother telling us!!!!

  2. David Davis has just said that the government’s priority is to get the best possible access to the single market. He confirmed I believe that if that would involve paying the EU, then the government would consider it.
    Does that mean that the money available for the NHS after Brexit might not be as much as we were told ? !!!!!

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