Autumn Statement 2016

The main event which affects family finances takes place today when the Chancellor makes the Autumn Statement. This is basically an update on the figures announced in the Budget earlier in the year. New forecasts will be made and invariably every Chancellor uses the opportunity to make slight adjustments to spending plans.

Before the main event there will be Questions to the Secretary of Scotland and then Questions to the Prime Minister. After the Autumn Statement there will be another in the series of debate being tabled by the government on the effects of the UK leaving the EU this time the focus will be on transport.

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3 thoughts on “Autumn Statement 2016

  1. Stop spending! Interesting that TV seems to have discovered that the wizard at solving government spending/deficit debt ratios is Mr Faraenitus (or whatever you know that Greek ex finance minister) – brilliant all we have to do is follow what he says. Look how well it’s worked for them. Basket case is to easy. Better still use Mr Mcdonnells whizz idea – print a few billion more and pass it round. I tried printing Charlie money BUT the pub won’t accept it – wonder why.

  2. Clearly National Debt is out of control. The OBR’s economic and fiscal outlook shows it is expected to hit £1.945trn by 2019-20, the end of the current parliament, and continue climbing to £1.952trn by 2021-22.
    Is this something we should worry about – and what can we do to get it back to reasonable proportions.

  3. So far in his statement the Chancellor has predicted slower growth, higher inflation, weaker tax receipts and higher government borrowing. The public finances will be in a mess. How has this all gone so wrong ?

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