More flooding

I am sorry to hear that there has been more disruption caused by the heavy and prolonged rains. I have yet to receive definitive explanations as to the cause but it does look as though most of the problems have been caused by the drains and culverts being overwhelmed by the volume of water. Whether this has partly been caused by them being blocked by autumn leaves and debris or there are other reasons I have yet to hear. Either way it is little comfort for those who have been affected. What I do know is that central government and local government have been working on improving flood resilience all year. That does not mean of course there never will be any more flooding. I think what it does reinforce is the need to ensure that careful assessment is made of the impact on the existing drains before new housing is allowed to be constructed.

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3 thoughts on “More flooding

  1. I live in the North East side of your Bury North patch. When M/s Truss was in ‘charge’ (ha) of environment I mentioned in April 2016) to you that Castlehill Road Bury near Fairfield Hospital rises up 600 feet. At the top it’s boundary changes to Rochdale council this wide road is an ancient highway. The stone gulleys a mile long have NEVER in 30 years been cleared. They aren’t blocked – only a resident knows they exist. The rain now comes of the fields and thunders down the road to Rochdale Old road. The Ferngrove flooding is fed from this affect. It’s like piddling in the wind when you tell Rochdale.

  2. At least in Bury South several vehicles were on main roads today removing leaves by clearing the gutters

  3. It must surely be more cost effective to fund a prevention better than cure policy. Our culverts had blockages long before the Autumn arrived. As Hammond says we have an eye watering public debt I have to ask whose fault that is ???

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