Small Charities Bill

Yesterday the Technical and Further Education Bill passed its Second reading without a division. The Bill makes provision to ensure technical education is of high quality and reflects what employers need. the role of the Institute for Apprenticeships will be extended to include technical education. The Bill also requires colleges and local authorities to share information such as results of examinations and qualifications.

Today after health questions the main business is the final stages of the Small Charitable Payments and Childcare Payments Bill. The Bill has already been debated and passed and Second Reading and in Committee.

I am chairing a debate in Westminster Hall on the equalisation of the pension age this morning this afternoon I am attending a meeting of the Backbench Business Committee where we will be hearing further bids for debates on subjects nominated by backbench MP’s. I am also scheduled to meet with the Local Government minister regarding planning matters in Greater Manchester.

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3 thoughts on “Small Charities Bill

  1. Thanks.
    With your reference to Greater Manchester I naturally thought you would be discussing the on-going consultation about the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which is not about individual planning applications, but about the future general extent and location of development in Bury, and the rest of GM, over the next 20 years.
    An opportunity missed I think if this was not discussed.

  2. Could you share with us the outcome of your meeting with the Local Government Minister about planning matters in Greater Manchester. Thanks.

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