Shopping and Charity Dinner

After  attending some meetings in my office yesterday morning and dealing with some surgery matters I spent some time in the Millgate doing a bit of shopping. Despite spending half the year in London I never dream of doing my shopping down there I much prefer to shop locally. In Tottington or Ramsbottom where I can and if not then Bury. When the new Rock Triangle was being built I received many complaints that it would spell the end for the Millgate but I have to say considering all the problems facing the high street such as from internet shopping the Millgate seems to be thriving. Hardly any empty shops. Some new ones have opened since I was last in for a good look round and most importantly it seemed pretty busy to me.

Yesterday evening I attended a sell out dinner to raise money for Bury Society for Blind and Partially Sighted People at The Red Hall Hotel. The Mayor and his consort, the Leader of the Council and lots of other generous supporters attended and helped raise over £3,600 to help those without sight or with sight problems in our town.

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