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Following the Prime Minister’s first attendance at the European Council last week I anticipate there will be a statement from the Prime Minister in the House today. The main story the media have reported seems to have been that the PM told the other EU leaders that whilst the UK remained a member of the EU she expected that we would play a full part in the EU. Quite right too. A majority of UK voters may have voted to leave but whilst ever we continue to pay into the EU budget we have every right to continue to exercise the rights that all the others member have.

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2 thoughts on “European Council Report

  1. I can only hope the PM means to differentiate between retaining our “rights” while paying into this institution but moving Towards freeing ourselves from the burdenous obligations while paying into this institution

  2. Agreed. Mrs May is so far talking a good talk (on Brexit) she has already has chickened out on the useless EDF/China power station deal. What waste of a few billion. Any minute now she’ll give the go ahead to Heathrow expansion. Starting to drift. (hmm which way)

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