Motor Neurone Disease Reception

img_0029One of my oft repeated mantras is ‘remember there is always someone worse off than you’. Whether that be financially or in terms of their health or any other measure. People suffering from ill health are a particularly sobering reminder of this truth. it is why I try as much as I can not to make an issue about when I am not feeling 100% I always tell myself I should be grateful as there are always people worse off. This was particularly true when my brother was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a long operation and months of treatment. Today I attended a Parliamentary Reception organised by the Motor Neurone Disease. It is a terrible disease which progressively takes hold and robs a person of their independence.

Other activities included me chairing the morning debates in Westminster Hall on Concentrix and their handling of tax credit claims and a debate on cancer outcomes. I then asked a follow up question about the situation in Kashmir during Foreign Office questions. I also attended the Backbench Business Committee and a briefing about Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester. We had our first vote since the conference recess on a SNP amendment to the BBC Charter motion. Finally, at the end of the day I presented a petition relating to the equalisation of the state pension age.

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