Baby Loss Debate

As a member of the Backbench Business Committee I hear many applications for debate. Almost all are worthy in one way or another but the debate we scheduled yesterday on Baby Loss to coincide with Baby Loss Awareness Week was a particularly powerful debate. The contribution of Vicky Foxcroft who told of her own loss 19 years moved many members to tears. I was not in the chamber but I have seen the recording. I hope the fact that should a debate was held in the Commons will have helped all those who have lost a baby and I am sure it has helped raise awareness of the heartbreak parents go through when such a loss occurs. I am pleased to have been able to play a small part in ensuring the debate took place.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Loss Debate

  1. I am the only one to live out of four. My Mum became rhesus negative after I was born.
    She went through lots of operations & experiments in the 60’s with my youngest brother being born in Lewisham and lived for twelve hours.
    That would be in 1967 / 68 and at the age of 79 in November she is still grieving.
    I have lived with my Mum being in deep depression & very lonely as she split up with my Dad in the early 70’s.
    They didn’t look after people them days & even now don’t help those who had problems 50 years ago.
    The only bonus she has is knowing that Rhesus Negative women can now have successful pregnancies because of what she went through.

    Mothers go through a great deal. I feel mine has gone through too much.


    Les Nuttall

  2. Normally I differ a lot with politicians, but this was extremely moving, my thoughts are with that very brave lady.

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