World Black Pudding Throwing Championships


Many congratulations to Mark Cannon from Swinton on winning the 2016 Black Pudding Throwing World Championships yesterday in Ramsbottom.  The town was buzzing with visitors travelling from far and wide to sample the special atmosphere of the World Championships.

I gave the event some extra publicity in the Commons on Thursday when I asked the Leader of the House if the government would make a statement on what they would be doing to promote the event in future. The Leader David Lidington replied saying he wondered  I was going to ask for the event to be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics…now there’s a thought.

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  1. I was with a party of souls in Ripon (City?) at the weekend, picturesque; yes – empty YES. They had an ‘International festival’ on – it strikes me that there would be far more bodies at Ramsbottom at this fun event. Beautiful — English eccentricity long may it last

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