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The debate over selective education as it is sometimes called has been raging for as long as I can remember. As someone who was educated under a completely comprehensive system in Rotherham in what was referred to at the time as the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire I never had any close experience of what the grammar school system was like.

My view is that if a child’s parents are well off and want their school to go to a grammar school they can move into an area which has them. This is an option denied to poorer parents. Of course it may be that parents do not want their child to go to a grammar school but they should at least have the choice. I do not believe ideology should stop parents from having the choice. We should find out more about the government’s plans to extend choice in education later today.

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3 thoughts on “Education Choice

  1. I didn’t pass my 11 plus. BUT the disappointment I experienced was negated by the fact I had two great loving parents (and a sibling – who passed) and a bunch of great mates. I went to a secondary modern – did OK. In fact VERY well, whahoooo. Thanks to fantastic teachers. I developed skills at school that would blow the minds of most 16 year olds leaving school today (I’ve met/interviewed hundreds over a great career) – So GO for it Mrs May – all Tony Blair did was take us to war and despite his edict of “education education” brought out a generation who think they are too good to work. Bring back National Service too —

  2. David
    I had first hand experience as a parent watching two daughters in a comprehensive school “waiting” for other children to “catch up ” to the same level of competence as the naturally brighter or simply more interested in learning ones. Brighter pupils will always be the case as it is a natural consequence of life as you and I know. You also know the correct path to take here

  3. Would you kindly ask your leader does this mean turning all state comprehensive schools into Academies is off the agenda, as it would be nice to know? Good luck with this getting through the Lords most people think it will not pass.

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