Calais Jungle

I cannot understand why there is so much concern at the threat being made by some in France to tear up the Le Touquet Agreement which allows the U.K. to have border checks in France. The thousands camped in the so called Jungle outside Calais are not genuine asylum seekers. If they were genuinely fleeing persecution in fear of their lives they would seek asylum in the first safe country they reached and indeed that is what the rules require. They are economic migrants seeking a better life and who can blame them for that. I think we should tell the French that if they change the current arrangements all those arriving from France will be immediately deported back to France and they will not be allowed to make asylum claims in the UK. The Calais Jungle is a problem for France and France should deal with it.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

2 thoughts on “Calais Jungle

  1. I share your view. In fact 12 in our immediate family sat at the table share your view. It seems also we have 27,800 ‘illegal’ immigrants (seems a bit precise) in the country – why? If they have been through the procedures send them back! assuming that ‘back’ is identifiable.

  2. David, once again you wade in with sweeping generalisations. I objected to your maiden speech which claimed that the people of Bury held certain views which neither I, nor any of my friends in Bury share.
    Now you go on to judge desperate refugees. How do you know that all the people in the Calais camp are economic migrants? Does this apply to the unaccompanied children living there? Are the families who have fled from Syria “economic migrants seeking a better life”? They may not have followed the protocol by applying for asylum in the first country they reached, but they probably don’t know much more about the rules of the Le Touquet Agreement than I do.
    I see you standing in front of a poster saying you love freedom. I understand you’re a church goer. How does a belief in freedom and Christianity apply to your views on victims of conflict?

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