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As no doubt regular users will know the future of the much relied on X35 to Manchester has been in doubt after First announced they were withdrawing the service next month.

I have been informed that First have announced a new revised timetable for the X35. The revised timetable replaces the original proposal to completely withdraw the service and instead the X35 will run four limited stop journeys  – two in the Manchester direction during the morning peak and two back to Ramsbottom during the afternoon peak. The changes are subject to the approval of the Traffic Commissioner . The new timetable will remain in place until January to allow discussions to take place about the long-term viability of the alternative options.

Whilst not ideal this is better than the complete withdrawal of the service. The bottom line is that First say the service is not viable. The feedback I get is that the bus is pretty full at peak times and it seems to me with so many relying on the service to get to work there must be scope for such a service.


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  1. Thanks for trying to keep service X35 running, I’m a regular user of this service and although the new timetable means I can still use this bus for my morning commute, the absurd timings of the evening buses means I will no longer be able to commute home on this bus. First say they are losing money, but frankly having a bus aimed at commuters leaving Manchester at 16:45 does not make sense and then have the second one leave at 17:30 leaving commuters who finish work at 5:30pm behind.

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