Reassurance for EU cash recipients

One fear expressed by all those who were in receipt of EU cash in the run up to the referendum was how would they cope without EU handouts. Of course as Vote Leave always pointed out EU cash was in reality just our own UK contribution recycled with a EI badge. As we pay far more into the EU budget than we received in EU payments it does not take a mathematics expert to realise that once we are no longer handing billions every year over to the EU we could easily afford to maintain payments to those previously in receipt of RU cash. I was not surprised therefore to read the Chancellor has announced that he intends to honour EU commitments. It is brings stability and gives reassurance to those who have planned on these monies arriving. The great advantage in leaving the EU is that in future we will be able to devise our own schemes to suit Britain rather than be forced to accept the schemes imposed on us by the RU.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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