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I see the cost of gas and electricity is back in the news. The regulator is having another go at trying to reduce costs. I must admit that whilst I have occasionally switched I am with the majority of people who complain and then pay the bill. I do think bills could be made a lot easier to understand something I have told the Ofgem when I did a survey for them a few weeks ago.
What is surprising is that it is not that long ago that Ofgem concluded that the reason why people did not switch more frequently was that the array of tariffs was too large and confusing so they restricted the energy companies to having a maximum of six tariffs. Now they have done a complete about turn realising no doubt that attempts to rig the market in this way never work. They are now going to allow companies to give customers as much choice as they like.

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  1. A friend who is moving house (and astute enough to have run her own business) said “I finally looked at my gas bill, I’m paying 4.1p/kwhr” I responded “I pay 2.02”! Instant understanding. She has/is paying double what I do. All that is required is you look at your bill. Go try it Mr Nuttall.

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