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It seems UKIP are now challenging Labour for the most chaotic leadership contest. UKIP have traditionally shown a tendency to stick very rigidly to the Party rules. Party rules which some argue are changed to suit the circumstances. The leading candidate Mr Woolfe is facing a double battle to get to the starting line. Despite him being one of the Party’s MEP’s it appears he may fall foul of the rule which requires candidates to have been Party members for at least two years and it is claimed his membership lapsed and was only renewed this year. Then he apparently missed the deadline to get his nomination in by 17 minutes. The rules Committee is due to meet tomorrow when all should become clearer. All is in sharp contrast to the swift and efficient Conservative leadership contest.

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  1. Yes but the difference is David, the Tory leadership had been set up from the inside. Do you think that we believed everything that went on, people being stabbed in the back, people dropping out, and hey presto the only one left was the one that Cameron and the Tories wanted in the first place. Please give the voting public some credit of intelligence, we don’t all listen to Murdoch’s news, even though he does his best to shove it down our throats at every opportunity. Democracy, ha, not in the Tories that’s for sure. Now the Lords are going to block the Brexit, they too need culling from their cosy seats, all most of them do is fall asleep, better they do that in their own home rather than embarrass themselves dribbling with their mouth open.

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