Good news for Jeremy

As the Labour Leadership battle gets underway I was not too surprised that the High Court upheld the decision of Labour’s National Executive Committee that the Leadership incumbent does not need to collect any signatures when challenged. The logic is simple. The incumbent – in the present case – Jeremy Corbyn has already had to overcome this hurdle when he was elected in the first place. The fact that he was only able to do so thanks to some members of the Parliamentary Labour Party lending him their support so he could get on the ballot paper in the first place is irrelevant.

Both candidates for tech Labour leadership seem to be basing their appeal on more of the same old Labour policies which have proved disastrous in the past. MOre spending, more borrowing and ultimately like it or not that will mean more taxes for everyone not just the top 1%.

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One thought on “Good news for Jeremy

  1. The problem with Mr Corbyn is the minute he opens his mouth a lot of us think; YAWN heard it before. It (his policies) just didn’t work in most communist countries. BUT what about China. HMMM

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