Internet Access

The long awaited decision on the way BT operates in particular the legal status of Openreach the division of BT which handles the vast majority of the Country’s telephone network which is now the backbone of the Country’s broadband system. Some have been pressing for Openreach to be sold off and become an entirely Company. Personally I was not in favour of this change. The Company is already highly regulated and in my view poor performance by BT was just evidence of poor regulation. Over the years I have spent many hours studying the way broadband is delivered in order to determine why certain areas of the constituency do not get the broadband speeds others do. My view on the break up of BT was that it would simply divert resources away from what ought to be the focus of BT which is the roll out of the current broadband scheme and then implementing the new Universal Service Obligation which the government is legislating for.

Published by David Nuttall

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