Another Atrocity

Random terrorist attacks on innocent members of the public are occurring with alarming frequency. Yesterday we heard of yet another attack this time in Munich in Germany. Our security services have a difficult enough job as it is to do and that is why it was welcome the government announced an additional 1900 staff were to be recruited to the security services. This week as the Home Secretary was answering questions in the Commons about the attack in Nice last weekend I asked her what progress was being made in the recruitment of these extra staff. The Home Secretary did not have the figures to hand but promised to write to me.

My thanks to Stephen Greenhalgh and Suzanne Carr and Eloise Burke for all their time yesterday in going through all the issues at Bury Hospice. Fantastic work continues to be done by everyone at the Hospice and it was great to be able to meet many of them again yesterday.

Published by David Nuttall

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