The Final Two

So after the last ballot of MP’s we now know the final two candidates for the Leadership of the Conservative Party. It will be either the Home Secretary Theresa May or the Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom who is to be our new Prime Minister. For the Second time the Conservatives will have elected a woman as Leader without giving the women artificial help such as excluding men from the competition.

Yesterday, after asking a couple of questions in the Chamber and then chairing a Delegated Legislation Committee I returned to Bury and attended the Tottington High School Awards Evening for years 7 to 10. With the Mayor and his consort in attendance the guest speaker was the school’s former Headteacher Alan Scott.

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One thought on “The Final Two

  1. Very good. As the waffle clears e.g get the best deal for the UK etc., etc., it would be appreciated if you could quantify what each candidate will DO when in office. A leader leads people, as Steven Covey said they climb the tallest tree and tell the managers – we wanna be there, GO take us. US not ME.

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