First Ballot

By early evening today we will know which of the five candidates running for the Leadership of the Conservative Party is to drop out. Voting for Conservative MP’s starts at 11am and continues until 6pm. The votes will then be counted and the result of the first ballot as soon as possible.

Yesterday, we all heard from each of the five candidates in a Committee Room in the House of Commons. We were meeting just four doors down in Committee room 10 from where the Parliamentary Labour Party were holding their weekly meeting in Committee Room 14. The journalists had never had it so good. I thought all the candidates performed well. It was clear any of them would be capable of taking over as Party Leader and Prime Minister although they each have their own style and their particular strengths.

Before I went to the meeting with the candidates I was delighted to be able to meet with a group of students from Holy Cross who were down on a tour of Parliament with their teachers. I enjoyed answering their questions on a range of subjects.

Today in Parliament there is the Committee stage of the Wales Bill which devolves more power to the Welsh Assembly which will be dealt with by the whole House as it is a constitutional Bill.


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2 thoughts on “First Ballot

  1. During the referendum campaign Andrea Leadsom was part of an attempt, on behalf of Leave, to portray Mark Carney as the Chancellor’s stooge. She argued that the governor was undermining the Bank’s independence by warning of the short-term impact of a Brexit vote on the UK economy and the value of the pound. She said that “As an ex-Goldman Sachs banker, Carney knew exactly what he was doing – He has encouraged financial instability and I think that absolutely damages the reputation of the Bank.”

    In view of Governor Carney’s performance today can you please find out if Andrea Leadsom would replace him as Governor in the event of her being Prime Minister ?

    Thank you.

  2. ‘NEWSFLASH: Aviva, the savings and investment group, has suspended redemptions from its £1.8bn property fund.
    It took the decision following the Brexit vote, which triggered a surge of requests from investors to pull their money out of its UK Property Trust.
    That’s because the EU referendum could hurt the property sector, driving down the value of office blocks, supermarkets and factories.
    Aviva blamed “extraordinary market circumstances”, a day after Standard Life became the first firm to freeze its property fund.’

    Not doubt you have noticed this happening in the real world whilst the politicians, of al hues, play their games in Westminster.

    Please reassure us it is only part of “Project Fear’ and should not concern us as we run into the calmer waters of freedom and opportunity.

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