Vote Leave a one minute summary

If we leave the European Union we will regain control over our own affairs.

We will be free to make our own laws at Westminster and not be told what to do by Brussels.

We can decide for ourselves how we spend the billions of pounds we have to pay in membership fees every year.

We will regain our seat on the World Trade Organisation and be able to make trade deals with all the growing economies around the World.

We will still be able to trade freely with our European neighbours just as we have throughout history.

We will regain control of our own borders and be able to control immigration.

We can still share intelligence about terrorists and other criminals with the rest of the EU, just as they can with us, because it is in everyone’s interest.

We can still co-operate with our European partners but we will not be ruled by them.

If we vote to leave the EU we will have a brighter and more prosperous future so, please, vote leave tomorrow.


Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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