House of Commons EU debate

Last night the new Wales Bill which gives more powers to the Welsh Assembly was given a Second Reading.

Today, the main business is the House of Commons’ version of the referendum. Officially, it is an Opposition day debate but as they have put down a motion extolling the virtues of the European Union all MP’s will have a free vote and the debate will divide along party political lines but along whether MP’s are pro or anti the European Union. Unlike the country where it seems opinion is fairly evenly divided MP’s are overwhelming in favour of staying in the EU so we can expect the Opposition motion praising the EU to be passed with a large majority.

280 MP’s entered the ballot for the right to ask the Prime Minister a Question this week and I was number 9 ‘out of the hat’ so I am pretty much guaranteed to be called to ask a question.

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2 thoughts on “House of Commons EU debate

  1. Hi David, I hope you ask him a very testing question (I’m sure you will). The way the Remain campaign have been scaremongering is absolutely shocking – and sadly it is the PM and Chancellor who seem to be the worst culprits – they need to be brought to account for it. They have totally undermined my belief and confidence in them whatever the outcome (hopefully leave) of the referendum (hopefully to leave).

  2. Ask him how he sleeps at night with all the lies he tells about the apocalypse that will befall us all if we vote out.

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