Investigatory Powers Bill

Parliament resumed after the Whitsun yesterday and after an urgent question on the removal of foreign national offenders and a statement on BHS the main business was the first day of the Consideration of the Investigatory Powers Bill, the Report Stage. This is the Bill which is referred to as the Snoopers Charter by its opponents. I believe it is essential that  the law is updated to give the police and security services the tools they need to monitor emails and websites to try and stop terrorists from causing harm. The idea that they have the time or the resources to generally monitor the activities of ordinary law abiding members of the public is not accurate. Nor is it true that this Bill is being ‘rushed through’ Parliament. The opposite is nearer the truth. It stated has a draft Bill in the last parliament and was considered at great length, In this Parliament a revised draft was considered by a joint Committee of both Houses and the actual Bill started in the last session and rather than being rushed in the last session it has been carried over which is why it is being considered now. Today will also be spent considering on the Bill.

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  1. Interesting. I noted you never posted a comment I made on your (and previous governments) total inability to deport or even stop ‘criminals’/terrorists. Mr C just doesn’t seem to grasp that (OK in my view) the reason your party won a majority in the General Election was that manifesto promise of “to reduce nett immigration to tens of thousands” (of which this bill must be a part). He’s failed – he knows it and so do we (that includes your goodself). Where he lives is largely untouched as yet by the ingress of people – Bolton/Blackburn/Rochdale/Bunley are nothing like Lancashire towns they where 10/15 years ago. As Mrs Duffy said famously To Mr B “where are they all flocking from”. Where’s Mrs May by the way? She seems very quiet! Cheers

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