Bury’s Greenbelt



Each Council has to produce a local plan setting out where housing is to go, where industrial land is to be situated and what land will continue as green belt. As part of the devolution settlement to Greater Manchester the ten local authorities across Greater Manchester – the Greater Manchester Combined Authority – have been producing a what they call a Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. They have started by asking developers to put forward expressions of interest in plots of land they would like to develop. Not surprisingly there are lots of developers who would love to build on the green belt land in Bury.

The map of the affected sites can be viewed here:


The proposals could affect the whole of Bury. Once the protection of green belt status is removed it will only be a matter of time before the last green fields in Bury are built on.

Councillor Iain Gartside the Leader of the Bury Conservative Councillors Group has recently posted some articles on this on the Tottington Councillors website which can be viewed here:


I was out yesterday morning with a group of local residents helping to collect more names on our petition to save Bury’s Greenbelt. If you would like to sign the petition you can do so online here


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