Junior Doctors Settlement


It has been very good news this week that the negotiations between the NHS employers and the BMA have resulted in terms being agreed to settle the dispute over their new contract.

After 10 days of considering the outstanding issues the parties have now agreed the new contract represents a significant advance on the existing contract, improving safety and helping to deliver more services at weekends.

A new Family Support Plan for Junior Doctors will provide more flexible working and help for those who take time out of training for family reasons.

The new contract will give a pay increase of between 10 and 11% on average with a cap introduced to reduce the maximum number of hours worked.

As had previously been proposed the maximum number of hours worked in a week will reduce from 91 to 72. The maximum number of consecutive nights will reduce from 7 to 4 and the maximum number of consecutive long days will fall from 7 to 5 and doctors will be scheduled to work on consecutive weekends without their agreement.

The whole deal contains much more and I hope the junior doctors vote in favour of the package when it is put to them in a ballot shortly.


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  1. Shame on you and your party. Mr Hunt should go. He has completely mishandled the whole sad event.

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