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On Wednesday I went to the World Premiere of Brexit The Movie at the Odeon in London’s Leicester Square. Going to the cinema is not something I do often and I have certainly never been to a red carpet event like this.

I had no idea what to expectofthe film itself. Anyway, unlike your average film Brexit The Movie is immediately available free to watch on the Internet

Everyone who is undecided how to vote in the referendum should watch before deciding.

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  1. I would like to ask a few questions as someone who is undecided. As I’ve said the amount of disinformation put out there to help confuse the public has been nothing short of scandalous. At least with a general election you can see the battle lines and choose a side. As my MP I do have some questions about MY concerns. I know you are an outer but I am neither in or out (Yet)

    Now firstly I don’t want ANY answers on borders, economic policies or ‘controlling our own affairs’ they are not high on my agenda.

    1. How will leaving or staying in the EU effect the ability of large corporations to frack under my house and under Ramsbottom village in general. Now I know you are Pro-Fracking but most people I know are concerned about the idea of it under their houses. So will the Fracking lobbyist be more likely In or Our of the EU?

    2. As someone who is not English neither by birth or heritage I own a European passport as do my kids although they were born in the UK. As I’ve said to my children when they 18 they can make up their own minds as to what passport they want. The one I get is £10 so far cheaper than a UK one. I digress. How will leaving the EU effect me and my children who are not British passport holders but they (not me) are English.

    3. Workers rights. I get told that with EU law that workers are protected and would we have that same level of protection if we were to leave. What guarantees could you show me that hard working families would be protected from employers who were exploiting or indeed just the same levels of protection we get now equal pay, amounts of hours expected, paid holidays, parental leave, equal treatment for part-timers etc.. etc..

    4. Could you point me in the direction of Brexit strategy of looking after the quality of our environment. The EU for all it’s faults offers some of world’s highest environmental standards. In my opinion we are only brief custodians of this planet and need to hand it on to our children who do the same.

    5. To be honest TTP scares me and I found the whole cloak & dagger process of the negotiations most uncomfortable and deceiving to the public to be honest. Now I’m not asking your opinion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or the UK’s ability to form it’s own Trade agreements I have no interest. I’m asking your opinion about will Brexit in your opinion sign the TTP as the EU seems to be waking up to the small print of the deal. (I maybe wrong the EU may sign it, what’s your expert thought on will the EU sign that particular deal).

    6. We all love a good meal David and can you assure us that the high level of food safety regulations enjoyed whilst in the EU would remain intact if we were to leave the EU. I for one noticed a massive drop in food standards when holidaying in the US and would hate for us to go down that route.

    As my MP these are the main concerns for me. Now I know that you are a firm ‘Outer’ and I would love to know firm answers to the questions above so that I can make an educated decision next month. I know that there is a lot to go at there David so I don’t expect an instant response but as one of your constituents I would like your expert opinion about my concerns. Thank you

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment.
      1. I believe we should use shale gas if the regulatory authorities are satisfied it is safe to do so. Large corporations are generally in favour of EU membership as they can cope with all the EU rules and regulations. Either way, I believe the decision as to whether allow large corporations to use fracking to extract shale gas should be taken in this Country not in Brussels.
      2. I do not believe your circumstances will be affected.
      3. I believe we are quite capable of protecting the rights of employees in this Country without being told what to do by the rest of the countries in the European Union. Indeed, one of the reasons why large companies favour EU membership is that access to hundreds of millions of potential employees because of the free movement of people drives down wages.
      4.I also believe we are quite capable of protecting our environment. It is worth noting that even the Green Party Peer Baroness Jenny Jones is arguing we should leave the EU.
      5. I think the EU will sign TTIP. I want to see this Country be free to make our own trade deals in the interest of what suits the UK.
      6. I have no reason to believe food hygiene laws will be in any way affected by our membership of the EU.

  2. I watched it twice end to end – it is splendid!

    Sadly, getting remainers to watch it has proved very difficult – they just quote the Huffpo review back at me…

    While it is a brilliant film, I’m not sure it will do much to convert remainers – perhaps some ‘undecideds’ tho…

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