Yesterday the House of Lords finally agreed to the changes the House of Commons insisted on to the remaining disputed Bill which was the Housing and Planning bill. This means that all the government’s legislation for this current session of Parliament has been passed. Although there are several bills which are being carried over for further consideration in the next session. This means that today after questions to the Department for Energy and any government statements Parliament will prorogued.

The formal ceremony of Prorogation begins in the House of Lords with an announcement read by the Leader of the Lords on behalf of the Queen. A Royal Commission consisting of five Peers – dressed in their robes – and all Privy Councillors, then instruct Black Rod to request the presence of the House of Commons.  When the Commons arrive, the Royal Commission and representatives of the Commons ceremonially greet each other: the Lords doff their hats three times and the Members and officials of the Commons bow in return. The Leader of the Lords will then read a short statement followed by a clerk of the House of Lords who will read the Royal Commission. Clerks will then announce each Act passed during the session, declaring ‘La Reyne le veult’ – Norman French for ‘The Queen wishes it.’ After all bills have been announced, the Leader of the Lords reads the prorogation speech on behalf of the Queen. The Speaker then returns to the Commons and repeats the list of the Acts passed and the message that Parliament is prorogued. MPs then file past the Speaker and shake his hand. Following this, the House is officially prorogued and the Commons will not meet again until the state opening of Parliament on 18 May 2016.


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