Local Elections – Polling Day 2016

The polls are open until 10pm this evening as every voter in the Borough of Bury has the chance to go and decide who they want to represent them on the Council for the next four years. There are Conservative Candidates standing in every Ward.

I have been asked by several people why they have not had anything through about elections for the Police and Crime Commissioner. I have to be honest and say that this is not because of any great desire to vote in such an election but because they had seen coverage on the television of the elections which are taking place today in the rest of the Country. The reason we do not have such an election is because as part of the massive devolution of powers to Greater Manchester there is to be a new elected Mayor to cover the whole of Greater Manchester who will takeover the powers and responsibilities of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the election for that is next year the term of the existing Police and Crime Commissioner has been extended until then to save the costs of having an election for a post which would only exist for just one year.

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2 thoughts on “Local Elections – Polling Day 2016

  1. Whilst the idea of the northern powerhouse is good in priciple; the fact that Greater Manchester (a conurbation and geographic region I have no affinity to – Bury is, and always will be, Lancashire) is to have an elected mayor with lots of powers is a concern.

    Have always voted Tory in General Elections, but one wonders what the point is because everything affecting my life is most likely to be run by Labour and a Labour Mayor?

    1. Thanks for your comment. We can live in hope that GM will elect a Conservative Mayor. I entirely share your concern about how the changes will affect Bury. Time will tell.

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