After 27 years the families of the 96 who died at Hillsborough have finally got the justice they have been fighting for when the Inquest jury delivered their verdicts this week. Yesterday, the Commons sat in silence as the  Home Secretary made a statement of the findings and read out each of the questions the jury had been asked to rule on and the verdict they gave. One of the reasons why I hate lying is that I always believe the truth will always come out. The scale of the cover up in this case was astonishing. Police are now able to come forward and admit they were asked to make false statements.

After the Home Secretary had left the Commons she immediately had to come before the Procedure committee which I sit on and answer questions as to why the performance of the Home Office in answering written questions form MP’s was below what others can achieve and below target. Some may think this is irrelevant compared to Hillsborough but as I pointed out actually very often MP’s are asking questions on behalf of constituents often in relation to matters like Hillsborough. This is what it is important that questions from MP’s are answered accurately and in a timely manner.

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