Constituency Day

Apart from  many pending today dealing with the many constituents cases which as any MP will testify come in constantly and although my excellent staff deal with a great deal I like to spend time looking at as many as I can in detail so I get a real feel for what the problems are.

My first appointment is down at the Town hall for the Annual St. George’s Day flag raising ceremony which as the Commons is not sitting I am able to attend this year.

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    1. Hi,
      As many things as you can think of really. There is no end to the variety of areas people think MP’s are responsible for. AsI often say MP’s have become what is, in essence, the local branch of a national complaints service. We have a lot of immigration and asylum cases. Problems with the benefits system. health, A lot of people come to me with problems that are actually the responsibility of local government is planning, local roads etc. Lots come with problems which are nothing to do with government at all in disputes over building works, faulty goods etc.

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