Easter Monday

Brrrrr…..not exactly the warm early spring morning I was hoping for.

Republicans look away now. One thing I get to do more of at Bank Holidays is watch some television. I rarely have chance to watch television for obvious reasons. Last night I watched an excellent documentary on the life of the Queen. She really has lad the most remarkable life of dedication and service. Whilst it is true that if we were designing a state from scratch we would probably not finish up with the model our Country enjoys today there is no doubt we have a constitutional monarchy system which has brought us a stability many countries can only dream about. Anyway, if you did not watch it is worth watching on catch up tv.

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2 thoughts on “Easter Monday

  1. An interesting concept David. If I were to design a state from scratch…. what ideas and structure would you start with and how would you like to see them implemented. What would be the core values of such a society?

    As someone who believes in a democracy I’d kick the queen and the whole system to the kerb. Never got this Royal business I can if you wish direct you to some informative YouTube clips about what has actually gone on in that family which the British press never touch. Remember as they say a wide breadth of knowledge gives for more informed judgement. Just let me know and I’ll post them here.

    I’m glad you enjoyed this most Christian time of year and as a church going Roman Catholic it’s a shame to see the dwindling effect that the church has at this time of year. Pass on my congratulations to your in laws on their anniversary a truly special love.

    1. Hi,
      Obviously we will have to agree to disagree about the Queen and the Royal Family. On the issue of church attendances I am pleased to report that St. Anne’s in Tottington had a very large congregation yesterday, but there is always room for more!

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