Energy Bill

I am travelling back to Westminster today for what will be an interesting week in Parliament. Wednesday is one of the big events of the Parliamentary year when the Chancellor delivers his annual budget day which as always will dominate the news media. Today, it is more routine business with the remaining stages of the Energy Bill being debated.

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  1. I’ve switched supplier at least a dozen times, my unit price is the same now as in 1998. I’ll bet Mr N you don’t know your present at home gas/electric commodity rates. I’ll also be surprised if you couldn’t tell me the current price of diesel/petrol (give or take a point of a penny) and that sums up the issue. The competition is concealed. Try asking one of these street hawkers their price for gas/electric on your post code – they can’t tell you. I’ll switch again in August, the Rotterdam spot price on gas will be ‘soft’. It takes time, (2/3hrs) but after Council Tax it’s the biggest monthly cost I have that I can do something about.

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