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The main focus during the second day of debate on the Report Stage of the Enterprise Bill will be on the government’s plan to devolve the power to determine Sunday trading hours for shops to local Councils. I see no reason why this should not take place. When one considers all the other powers devolved to local government particularly with the new set up in Greater Manchester this seems a pretty minor matter. It is rather ironic that the Scottish Nationalist Party who want to see all powers devolved from Westminster to Edinburgh want to stop this one small area being devolved to Councils in England. Even more bizarre when one considers that Sunday trading hours are deregulated in Scotland.

This issue demonstrates the weakness of the current so called English Votes for English Laws arrangement. If we genuinely had English Votes on English Laws the votes of the Scottish Nationalists would have no bearing on a matter like this.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Trading

  1. So your views are that shops should open? Your little commentary seems more about the West Lothian issue.

    As a man who goes to church, with your wife (one presumes) then how would you feel if you or your wife couldn’t go to church because you had to work longer hours in a Sunday in retail?

    I understand your point of local councils deciding, which is great devil cement of power. But what are YOUR views on Sunday trading? Have you ever worked in retail?

    1. Hi Dan,
      As has been reported in the local press and as I have made known in my contributions in the Chamber over the years I am very much in favour of allowing all shops the freedom to choose to open if they wish. Being a Christian is a 24 hour a day 365 days a year matter. At our church there is an early service at 8am so people could attend that service and in any event the proposed legislation would have made it much easier for individuals to opt out of Sunday working if they wished. All the evidence is that retailers find it quite easy to find staff who do want to work on Sundays so there is no need for workers who do not wish to work on Sundays to be forced to do so.
      In answer to your question about me having worked in retail. I have never worked as an employee but years ago I think it was after mum died my father and I bought a little lock up shop which he ran for a few years and I frequently worked there. It was a tiny local shop which sold hardware, children’s sweets, greeting cards etc a bit of an Aladdin’s cave type shop.

  2. Interesting comment, maybe you could attract the squeakers eye and make a comment about the SNP! Also when are we going to hear anything about the promise to get rid of Blair’s human rights fiasco?

    1. Hi,
      This was a time limited debate and only a few MP’s were able to be called. I was not able to be in for the start of the debate because I was attending a meeting of the Procedure Committee.

  3. Isn’t there a risk that devolving these powers to local councils will mean that areas like, say Tower Hamlets could have draconian restrictions placed on them…?

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