The battle commences

Four months today on 23rd June it will be referendum day. It is going to be four months of political argument between the In and Out camps. It was clear from the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday that there will be unsupported claims and allegations made ( to be fair probably on both sides ). The Remain camp are hoping the public will not bother with the detail of the deal. That they will not bother looking too closely at the details. It is interesting that people like Jacob Rees-Mogg who actually sits on the European Scrutiny Committee is a staunch advocate of leaving.

Today the first business in the Commons is questions to the Foreign Secretary so there is scope for more questions on the EU deal but most of the questions are already fixed on other subjects.

There will then be debates on amendments the House of Lords have made to the welfare Reform and Work Bill and the Education and Adoption Bill followed by a debate scheduled by the Backbench Business debate on Gangs and serious youth violence.

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