Return from Cyprus

Another interesting day yesterday. The PM finally confirming the World’s worse kept secret – that the referendum on our membership of the EU will be in the middle of the year on 23rd June. So much for those of us who thought this year might be a little quieter after all the campaigning activity of last year with the general election. The sooner the better from my personal point of view. Even if the referendum result is not what I personally want I think it will be good to have the issue settled. But, and it is a big but, IF remain win,  in view of the claims being made by the remain camp about the UK having a special status I predict that people who vote to remain on the back of those claims will soon become very disenchanted when they realise there is no special status. Again, I will blog in much more detail about this but it is clear that the rhetoric and the easy headlines and campaign slogans which Remain are already using have no basis in fact when one studies the detail of the ‘agreement’.

From my personal point of view I attended my first ever Greek Orthodox christening ceremony yesterday. The main point to note is that these services are longer, about three or four times as long as our baptism services in the Church of England. Anyway, it was a super occasion and I am glad I made the effort to come over and attend.

Today, I am packing and after an early lunch going back to the airport to fly back to London. The House of Commons returns to business tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Return from Cyprus

  1. What do you think the margin would need to be to avoid a ‘neverendum’…?

    reference the christening, don’t you love it the way everybody wanders in and out throughout the ceremony! Same with weddings here too…

    …and you’ll miss part 2 of the christening when they unwrap the baby. It is fascinating stuff…

    1. Hi,

      We came to the couples wedding which was in the same church in Arsos a couple of years ago so I know what you mean about people wandering in and out during the service. Very different to the UK.

      On the referendum I suppose if there was say a 75/25 result that would settle things but if there is a 60/40 roust or closer then inevitably those on the ‘out’ side of the debate will be keen to make the point every time a new Directive is foisted on us that nothing has really changed.

      Best wishes,

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