Finally, arrived in Cyprus last night and we are now two hours ahead of UK instead of seven hours behind. Although it is winter here and many venues are closed the weather is warm and sunny which is a big contrast to Salt Lake City even though it was (we were informed)  unseasonably warm on the last couple of days of our trip there.

I have spent a few hours going through the hundreds of emails which have been arriving so if anyone is waiting for a reply there is a good chance I will have replied today.

Just a note to all those who are sending me a standard email asking me to campaign to stay in the EU you are wasting your time (and mine). Given my long-standing position on the EU there really is not much point in emailing me on it!

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One thought on “Cyprus

  1. Enjoy our unusually warm weather! Although we are expecting rain/thunder over the weekend.

    Reference the EU – congratulations on your stance. I’ve been here in Cyprus since before they joined in 2004 and the country is undoubtedly poorer for joining.

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