University of Utah

Yesterday, I was at the University of Utah. In the morning they kindly arranged for me to tour their State legislature building which is an impressive building which they have recently renovated and improved to earthquake proof it. I met with Utah state Senators and representatives and was introduced on the floor of the Senate.

In the afternoon I delivered a lecture to political science students at the Hinckley Institute on the present state of UK politics and what the future may hold.

I then had a tour round the University campus. It is a large modern campus with some 30,000 students and I was struck by the amount of space there was.

My thanks to all those at the University for organising the day

We are flying to Cyprus today via Heathrow to attend a christening on Saturday so a long day of flying is ahead.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip!

    I actually live in Cyprus! Is it a Cypriot christening…? They are quite different to the UK ones…

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