Police and local government

As often on a Wednesday no doubt the main centre of attention today will be on the weekly session of Prime Minister’s Questions. This is followed by the introduction of two new Bills for the House to consider in the weeks ahead. One which implements the new agreement which was reached a few weeks ago between the parties in Northern Ireland and the other which amends the law relating to police and certain aspects of criminal law.

As it is Ash Wednesday I will be attending one of the two services scheduled in the Chapel today. Then I have a meeting of the Procedure Committee which I need to attend. meanwhile in the main chamber there will be the annual debates on the police and local government grants.

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  1. Real Law type issues – Read that some discussion to lower the drink drive limit (to less than 1 pint of beer a day) as in Scotland. The affect of a lower limit is that the night before I can’t have a couple pints as I’ll be over the limit the next day. Why mess about – ‘nanny state’ again – Besides the dopes who DO drink and drive don’t stop at 2 or 3 anyway – they get plastered/doped up and jump straight behind the wheel. Politicians have managed to kill off the British Pub – they now want to kill off Golf Clubs as well !!

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