Bury market filming

The filming in Bury market yesterday went well. We were filming for a programme called Superfoods scheduled to be shown later in the year on Channel 4.

The presenter was amazed how popular her plate of black pudding samples was. Fortunately for the her, the recording crew and me it did not take too long for us to interview a number of people who were happy to speak up on camera about the benefits of eating black pudding. I am grateful to all those who agreed to their interviews being used. As someone who is on camera everyday in the Commons and has done hundreds of tv interviews I did not give the consent aspect much thought but I appreciate that agreeing to appear in a programme is not for everyone.

I guess most of what we filmed will finish up on the cutting room floor ( so to speak – the days of cutting rooms are long gone!) but it will be interesting to see how the final programme appears. It will give Bury some more publicity that is for sure.

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One thought on “Bury market filming

  1. Well done in promoting Bury. I positive achievement for the week. Pity the market was so quiet on Friday – the weather didn’t help.

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