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I attended most of the debate in Westminster Hall yesterday which was held because of the petition Parliament has received signed by over a half a million people calling for the American politician Donald Trump to be banned from the United Kingdom. By instinct I am reluctant to ban things. In the main I take the view that individuals should be free to make their own minds up about what to eat, what to drink, what activities to undertake and so on. Equally, when it comes to the security of the United Kingdom  it is clearly right that the Home Secretary should be able to prevent people coming in who she reasonably believes may cause us harm. I do not think Donald Trump falls into this category although I have no doubt he has offended some people including some MP’s by the things he has said. My view is that we have freedom for speech in this Country and that means people have the right to say things which may offend some people.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Debate

  1. Agreed. Typical Yank – Trump, all front and no substance. He fires from his heart, what’s that old saying “engage brain before opening mouth” BUT he has the right to say it.
    Mr N I find your daily missives sometimes frustrating (in that you can’t really achieve great change) but I do read them. I trust our local misery rag (Bury Times) is on your mailing list.
    Keep on trucking as the old saying goes.

  2. Quite right! freedom of speech MUST trump (did you see what I did there?) this endless offence taking. It is closing down everything we hold dear.

    And isn’t it true that the petition was started BEFORE he made the remarks about Muslims? It is in fact some anti-Trump campaign by somebody with vested interests in Scotland who objects to his activities there?

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