It has been a long time since I was able to buy diesel at less than a pound a litre but I was able to do so today. I often say every cloud has a silver lining and the unrest in the Middle East has resulted in Saudi Arabia increasing the amount of crude oil it pumps into the world market so has to reduce the price….. and T herby damaging its opponents who have less oil and need a higher price.

I have visited the Bury branch of Age UK several times over the years and I am informed their AGM is being held at their headquarters at The Jubilee Centre on Mosley Avenue in Bury BL9 6PQ on Monday 18th January starting at 2pm. I have been asked to extend an invitation to attend to anyone who wishes to join them and I am delighted to do so. The Mayor of Bury will be chairing the proceedings and the guest speaker will be Diane Halton Head of Public Health (Health Improvement)

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