Flood Defence Spending

In light of all the claims that the government has cut spending on flood defences I have checked what the latest figures are from the Autumn Statement. These show that there is a capital investment programme of £2.3 billion over the next six years which will increase protection for over 300,000 homes.
This is more than the £1.7 billion spent in the last Parliament which in turn was more than the £1.5 billion spent in the 2005-10 Parliament.

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  1. Hi David, you may remember me from the Savid Javid fundraising lunch back in March, when I organised a table of media businessmen!
    The current increased flood levels throughout Northern England has less to do with “flood defences” for urban areas – but more to do with the destruction of trees, change of use, widening and deepening of gullies to speed the flow of water downhill, etc. of upland areas of this country – much of which is PUBLICLY SUBSIDISED through the European Union’s Common Agricultual Policy – see George Monbiot’s artlcle in http://www.theguardian.com on 29th December 2015.
    It’s about time this was reversed – and that we leave the European Union and start making our own Great Britain Great again!
    In one of your recent blogs you said there wasnt much more that could be done – here’s a way to make a real change!
    A reply would be appreciated!

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment.

      As the MP who first proposed a motion in the House of Commons back in October 2011 that we should have an In/Out referendum on our membership of the EU and as Chairman of the Better Off Out group of MP’s and Peers I completely agree. I am delighted we have now passed the legislation to provide for the holding of a referendum and I will be voting to leave.

      Kind regards,

  2. David, I think you will find the cut they talk about is from what was promised.

    Today it was said that the north receive more in flood defence than the south but that would depend on how many years you look at. How much did the Thames Barrier cost & how much is the upkeep.
    Also the north have much more rain and, to us, is much more important than the concrete jungle.

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