St. Stephen’s Day

For many people the day after Christmas Day is dominated by sport. It certainly will be this year as it falls on a Saturday anyway which is generally considered to be the main sporting day of the week. There is a full football fixture list. An extensive programme of horse racing and even cricket will be in the headlines as England begin the First Test on their winter tour in South Africa. Closer to home there will be the annual Boxing Day game between Tottington St. John’s Cricket Club and Brooksbottom which this year will be played at Crompton Meadows, off Beryl Avenue in Tottington. St. John’s will be opening their newly extended clubhouse.

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2 thoughts on “St. Stephen’s Day

  1. ohh by the way, my wife and I (both in our late 60’s) spent our Boxing Day with farmers digging out gulleys/ditched/drains to prevent houses in Bury flooding. It’s obvious – if we are digging ditches whose digging out the rivers? My son/daughter/grandaughter all worked over Christmas by the way!

  2. I appreciate it’s Christmas. BUT you may have noticed, it’s been raining.. I listened to Mr Owen (Bury CEO) saying that it was exceptional, he actually said “at this time of austerity” – I live in the hills above Bury. We (the farmers/people up here) watched the rain run off the fields, hit the access roads and go straight over the grids/drains/gulleys and natural ditches (which haven’t been maintained in 30 years) and assemble into a torrent and head off to the main roads . Now he has got a maintenance problem, he’ll deal with the main roads and ignore the basic source problem uo here. OK it’ll end up in the Irwell but If the local authority has no response ability for this basic infrastructure (drains/gulleys etc.,) – take it off them.

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