Collective Responsibility in EU referendum

Let me start today by making a prediction. When it comes to the referendum on our membership of the EU Government ministers who are usually bound by the principle of collective responsibility will be freed from that convention. It seems to me to be inconceivable that on a matter of such national importance to effectively gag Ministers from explaining their own views is unthinkable. One reason for having a referendum is that there are different views within the main political parties.

Yesterday, it was Nine Lessons and Carols at St.Annes’s Church in Tottington in the afternoon and I read the seventh lesson on the news of Christ’s birth been given by the Angels to the shepherds.

I watched the Sports Personality of the Year yesterday evening. A great reminder of just how many dedicated and talented sportsmen we have. I don’t vote in these things but my would have gone to Jessica Ennis-Hill personally. I think having already won Olympic gold to marry, and have a baby and then come back to win the World title again is a tremendous achievement. In the end she came third. It will be interesting to see if she can retain the Olympic title in Rio.

I was particularly pleased to see A.P. McCoy receive the lifetime achievement award. His has been a truly incredible achievement. Champion Jockey over the jumps for 20 years is truly an achievement worthy of such recognition.

Today, I am back in the office in Bury dealing with constituency cases before attending Bury Conservatives Christmas fundraiser this evening.

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  1. Had an interesting debate with an Aussie in the US the oeher day. The 80 year old graduate of LSE expounded that (they) where held back by the UK class system. Your first paragraph really does support her argument (which I vehemently disagreed with at the time). It does hold back our country, stay with me – China is the biggest car market bar non. The UK should be encouraging development of batteries for cars, indeed electric cars. Instead we are being led by the posh boys who know better to stay with Brussels , what did the Belgians ever do for anybody.

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